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To begin getting your credit back on track so you can buy the home, car, vacation or education you need, give us a call today! We offer credit repair services & more. Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page!

Credit Repair Bay Area
We help you add good credit as well as repair your bad credit. This allows for the best optimization of your score. Focusing on just the credit repair side will not allow you to benefit the most from what your score could be. We want to share with you the knowledge we have so we can help you understand what it takes to have the best score for you and your family.

The three major credit reporting agencies in the US don't have the time to help you with your credit individually. It doesn't matter to them if your credit is bad. That's why you need Credit Repair Bay Area credit repair services today.

Our trained representatives work on the 5 categories and 28 points the Bureaus are looking at.

We want to know exactly what is causing your credit problems... To ensure you receive the best service possible, you will deal with the same consultant from Day 1, the OWNER!

Is Your Credit in Need of Repair?
With as many as four in five credit reports containing errors, according to the FTC and the NFCC, it's common for our clients to have erroneous negative information on their reports. By removing or updating this information through our home buying credit repair program, we're able to increase our clients' credit scores and restore their buying power. Our credit repair specialists in California have the skills, technology, and expertise to repair your credit. This allows our clients better chances of securing a home, car, student, vacation or any other type of loan in the future. Still, our credit repair only goes so far; it's up to our clients to manage their credit and make smart financial decisions to maintain their newly restored credit.

We have helped 100's of people get there credit in great shape and get them back on their feet. We not only work on removing your negatives, but we also specialize in building credit.

We have the tools and the plan to get you the proper balance in good credit which is just as important as removing negatives. We're not just a normal credit repair company we are credit counselors also.

Compliant and Effective Credit Repair Strategies
We fully comply with the Credit Repair Organizations Act, in order to provide you with accurate and safe ways to help you improve credit, and remove debt as well as manage it. When you check your FICO credit reporting, you don't want to receive negative information. You want an accurate look at your credit, which we can use to help boost your understanding of what the FICO report on your score means and the proper utilization of that information to reduce debt and improve credit. When you have an accurate understanding of your credit utilization, we can help you use tools and methods that fall within the Credit Repair Organizations Act's guidelines to help boost your credit score, such as balance transfers. A balance transfer can be a powerful tool to help, or hurt, your credit, so trust the professionals at Credit Repair LLC to help guide you.

Bad credit is not a permanent situation. Our credit repair Certified consultants in the Alameda CA will help show you the proper steps needed to improve your scores. Here at Credit Repair Bay Area we have a proactive team of experts that helps each and every client attain the credit score that they deserve.

We offer professional credit repair services custom tailored to your specific situation in Alameda CA and surrounding areas. Call me today for your free, no-obligation consultation. The consultation is completely FREE of charge. If you don't have a credit report we can order one for you.

How to Begin Fixing Your Credit
The first step is FREE you get to talk to me Rick Jackson the owner a credit specialist and get a FREE analyses of your credit score you've got nothing to lose. I guarantee at the very least you'll know a lot more about credit then you did before you called. We are not a national company with slick salesmen that promise the world and deliver little we are a small company that's local and has an owner that you can talk to. We know how important trust is especially in this industry that's why we have stayed small and easily accessible. There are many factors in repairing credit I would have to see your report and then we can talk about the cost, but I'm very reasonable I have one of the best programs in the country, this and the fact I watch over all accounts is why we have such a high success rate. We are the best value for your money.